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In Love's Timeby Lilian White


Set in the 1800s, In Love’s Time is a tale of romance as much as it is one of murder and intrigue.
Catrine Stewart must escape Idris Noble who threatens to destroy her!
From humble beginnings, Catrine Stewart builds a dynasty and eventually finds the love that has eluded her for most of her life.
Brisbane Town in Australia, Strone in Scotland, and Texas in the United States are some of the stages of this far-reaching drama.

Lilian White grew up in Gatton, Queensland, Australia.
She was raised in her parents’ service station, and she attended the local convent until she was eight years old. After that, Lilian attended the Lockyer District High School at Gatton.
Lilian went on to study nursing, and later, she became an English tutor. She wrote novels in between her tutoring.
After traveling for many years, Lilian settled in Brisbane where she writes her novels.

Book Title In Love's Time
Author Lilian White
Date Published November 08, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643458052
  • Paperback: 9781643452265