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If Not Todayby Minh Anh Nguyen


In times of war, love may only be an illusion. Yet under the Saigon sky, two mothers found shelter from their personal storms in a quiet Catholic school.

Child prodigy Tuan Minh has always been afraid to love. As an orphan in the Les Frères Catholiques Ecole, his only refuge was to retreat into his mind. His dearest friend, Thu Thuy, broke through his wall of books and brought light into his heart. For a moment, the future seemed promising, but little did they know their paths would unravel, as blood and sacrifice would separate them. Can what once was lost be found? Can what once was forgotten be remembered? What happens when two people who are fated from the start are tragically torn asunder? The streets of Saigon have written an indelible story transcending generations. If Not Today finds meaning in sacrifice, hope in the darkest hours, and, above all, reminds us love is our only sanctuary.

Minh Anh Nguyen has spent his professional career as an educator in the United States and Indonesia. He has worked translating Vietnamese stories for his mother into self-published books. If Not Today is his first novel as he tells the story of his family escaping Saigon following the Vietnam War. As a first generation Vietnamese American, he shares how the tragedies of war cannot stop providence.

Book Title If Not Today
Author Minh Anh Nguyen
Date Published November 05, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643458014
  • Paperback: 9781643454740