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"I Am" A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health: 'There's a Fine Line Between Fear and Freedom'by Marie Brunger


Soon after the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Marie recognizes chronic mental fear was present long before the fatigue showed up and was at the root of the debilitating illness. A decision to do whatever it took to heal her life, and to help others to do the same, catapulted this resistant, non-believer into a spiritual unfolding. Her mission became one of raising faith and lowering fear. Marie takes you with her on a personal journey into the mindset of a woman living with the fear of God, and the difficult transition into accepting the love of God as herself. As the narrative progresses, the contours of a new and simple, spiritual approach to life and wellness comes into focus.

The personal experiences, beliefs, feelings, life-changing interventions, lessons and insights Marie shares throughout remain an important part of her journey from fear to freedom. It is her deep felt hope that they may serve the reader in a similar way. In addition, her work as a therapist and teacher provides many more valuable mind-changing opportunities which you will find detailed among the pages of her pilgrimage.

“I AM” A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health is a straight from the heart, down to earth account of a stubborn women’s difficult, yet ultimately life-changing conversion. Regardless of your particular circumstances, “I AM” A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health renders insights to a natural complimentary approach for the prevention, and intervention of ill-health, as well as the mediation for on-going, mental wellness and complete well-being.

Book Title "I Am" A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health: 'There's a Fine Line Between Fear and Freedom'
Author Marie Brunger
Date Published November 22, 2018
  • Paperback: 978-1643451893