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How to Stuff-Up You and Your Relationship and Your Kids, Tooby Sherryn Chapman


Written in a humorous and conversational tone, Sherryn presents a two-part guide on how to better understand and improve your relationship with yourself, your partner, and your kids too. In part one of Sherryn’s book, she takes a satirical and at times a humorous approach to some of the horrors many of us and our families are living in today. Part two is where Sherryn takes a common-sense approach to not only how we can improve our lives, but what the reasons are for seeing and feeling about ourselves and everything else the way we do.

Sherryn says, “We are all like a jigsaw puzzle with four main pieces that I call the four factors, and once you come to know them, you will see that we all have our own story to tell and the truths that influence and affect us all!”

Sherryn’s passion in life is to show that we are all doing the best we can, based on who we are and what we know at the time. She believes that once we know more, we then have the opportunity and the choice to be more.

Sherryn Chapman is a psychotherapist, wife, and mother of four. Sherryn has eleven grandchildren and twin great-granddaughters to add to her life’s experiences. Sherryn has a degree in integrative medicine, which allows her to see the person as a whole and where they might be coming from. Her passion is to make a difference in this world, to show how every single thought we think creates or causes every feeling we feel and from there, every action we then take. Sherryn says, “We all have our own story to tell, and in our story are all the reasons why we are who we are and why we see and feel about everything the way that we do.”

Book Title How to Stuff-Up You and Your Relationship and Your Kids, Too
Author Sherryn Chapman
Date Published December 05, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643458403
  • Paperback: 9781643456263