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From Hell to the National Hall of Fameby Alexandre Ely


Alex Ely no doubt had an adventurous life, from his birth in Brazil continuing with his voyage to America and ultimately being inducted into the United States Soccer Hall of Fame. Leaving Brazil, he came to America not knowing what his destiny would bring. He strived through the hardships of the average newcomer to America, but he possessed love and talent for the sport of soccer, which took him to places he’d never dreamt about.

Although he faced struggles in many facets of his life, soccer was always the cornerstone that helped him succeed. At seventeen, Alex had to consider his objectives; to go to work as a tradesman or to pursue an education. Not having his parents here to consult with, he decided to go to work and pursue an education at night school. He continued to play soccer despite the obstacles that were in his path. His miraculous elevation to be able to play for the U.S. Pan American, Olympic and World Cup teams made this young man’s dreams come true. Alex was humble and did not realize how important these events were to his life. When selected to be in the Soccer Hall of Fame, he was surprised, but his talent and unique style of playing earned him this well-deserved honor.

A native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Alex Ely was educated in the United States receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Language Education from the University of Maryland in 1964. At that time, he returned to his homeland where he taught English for eight years. In Brazil, he authored two widely sold textbooks. ‘A New Approach to English’ by Atica Publishing Co. During the 70’s, he returned to the states to resume his education. Having settled in Philadelphia, PA, Ely attended Temple University where he earned a Master’s Degree in English Education. Since that time, he has taught at Cardinal Dougherty High School and he is presently teaching at Archbishop Prendergast High School in Drexel Hill, PA. As a sportsman, Mr. Ely traveled extensively with the United States Pan American, Olympic and World Cup soccer teams. He is a three-time Unites States champion the Ukranian Nationals, along with a Canadian Championship with Toronto Roma. He also won a bronze medal in the 1959 Pan American games. All of these accomplishments were done in the amazing span of six years. In 1997, Ely was inducted in the soccer National Hall of Fame in Oneonta, New York.

Book Title From Hell to the National Hall of Fame
Author Alexandre Ely
Date Published February 12, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643453934
  • Paperback: 9781643451107