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For the Good Times: The Best of Fifty Yearsby Tom & Virginia Shipley


If you are suddenly on your own or newly wed and your mother kept you out of the kitchen as you were growing up — all is not lost. With a teaching book, one which tells you how to chop, broil, bake, saute, boil, etc., a copy of For the Good Times …, and a little application on your part, your fame as a cook could quickly spread through-out the neighborhood.

Just follow the directions, take all the time you need in the preparation, and lie about your innate abilities to everyone but your closest friends.

At the time of writing, Virginia Doane Shipley was vice

president, treasurer, and chief editor of an advertising agency; Tom Shipley, its president, an engineer, a marketing executive and a writer for trade publications on advanced technical subjects. He is listed in Who’s Who in U.S. Writers, Editors and Poets, Marquis Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, U.S. Registry’s Who’s Who in Leading American Executives, Strathmore’s Who’s Who, and the National Directory of Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals.

They are the authors of The Shipleys’ Little Kitchen Guide, a presentation of kitchen measures and equivalents, conversions for measures from old recipes, food equivalents, measuring procedures for dry liquid and solid fat ingredients, herb/seasoning/spice substitutions, etc.

This book was started in 1981 and the contents established in 1991. After his wife died in 1992, Tom began work to format and further edit the material for printing. The book has now been published in her memory.

The printer, Quebecor Printing Book Group, Kingsport, was formed originally as The Kingsport Press. In the spring of 1923, using paper made by the Mead Corporation, and book cloth from the Clinchfield Mills (both Kingsport, Tennessee, concerns), the Press began to produce cloth-bound books. Tom’s father began work there on April 2, 1923, and continued until his retirement in 1966.

Book Title For the Good Times: The Best of Fifty Years
Author Tom & Virginia Shipley
Date Published July 29, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643456713
  • Paperback: 9781643455846