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First Dooowwwnnn . . . and Life to Go!by Red Cashion


“First dooowwwnnn is a first-rate read by a first-class man.”
-Former Texas A&M and Dallas Cowboys linebacker Dat Nguyen

When directed toward you, two of the more humbling words that can ever be uttered are: “You’re fired!” For Red Cashion, however, being fired by both the Southwest and Southland Conferences forced him to make significant attitude changes that took him all the way to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Red’s rise to prominence in the NFL–many sportswriters described him as the most well-known official NFL history–was primarily the result of Cashion adopting a much more enthusiastic approach. He only achieved his dreams when he stopped blending into the background and began passionately asserting his personality with a trademark call that became recognized across the country. First dooowwwnnn…and life to go! is an inspiring, captivating story that accentuates the power of a positive attitude. Cashion also recounts fascinating stories about some of the NFL’s biggest personalities during his 25-year tenure in the league, and he provides strong opinions about the game’s current direction. Cashion’s advice for protecting current players from concussions, for example, is as revolutionary as it is rudimentary. His vision of the NFL’s future is every bit as intriguing as his colorful description of his time in the league.

Book Title First Dooowwwnnn . . . and Life to Go!
Author Red Cashion
Date Published March 26, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643454511
  • Paperback: 9781643450490