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Finding Peri Greyby Michael George


When Ken Dawson receives an early morning phone call from someone looking for his old friend, Peri Gray, he begins a journey that changes his life. The person who calls will only tell him that Peri said she would be there. Because he lives in Tucson, Arizona, and Peri lives in Minnesota, he is quickly very curious about what is going on with Peri. After his morning walk, Ken misses Peri by just a few minutes when she stops and leaves him a note. So he decides to go to Minnesota to try to find her. Along the way, he is filled with vivid memories of the times of finding, then losing her during the lifetime they have known each other. When Ken arrives in Minnesota, he learns that she has been traveling around the country from city to city, but no one seems to know why. The only thing he learns is that Gainesville, Georgia, is going to be one of the cities she is going to visit. Ken’s sister lives there, so he decides to go there, rather than return to Tucson, hoping that there he will finally find Peri Gray.

Michael George is a retired carpenter who has also worked with the old mainframe computers, managed a 24/7 old-time service station, managed a small dairy farm, and even picked potatoes with Mexican migrant farm workers. He has been married over fifty years and has five children and countless grandchildren and great-grandchildren. After living in Arizona and Georgia for eighteen years, he and his wife now live back in Minnesota.

Book Title Finding Peri Grey
Author Michael George
Date Published November 28, 2019
  • Hardcover: 9781643459868
  • Paperback: 9781643457017
  • e-Book: 9781643458335