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Fate's Love Storyby Deke Rivers


This is a story of two innocent individuals, one female, one male, both from different cultures, from different ways of life, from different backgrounds, and living in different countries at the opposite ends of the globe.

Yet fate, for some unexpected amusement for herself, created a game and brought these two individuals together. She subconsciously explains the game to the innocent female, who, in turn, dictated the rules of this game to the male.

Whether the two innocent individuals wanted to participate in this unusual game remained completely with them.

But one look at each other and something unusual happened to them both—they were instantly and most mysteriously hooked to each other. And so the game began!

Deke Rivers, a retired architect and artist, has lived throughout the world and now calls Toronto, Canada, his home. Most of his novels are based on research, his travels, and his vivid imagination. As an Estonian refugee from World War II, Deke Rivers has circumnavigated the world, worked and lived in a variety of countries, experienced the variety of cultures, and struggled with the languages and the variety of environments, from the heat of the tropics to the icy terrain of the Arctic. After forty years as an architect working all over the world on almost every conceivable type of project, he then traveled to Alaska on a six-year major project—an army hospital in Fort Wainwright, as their chief architect.

Most of his stories are based on everyday characters that the average person can relate to, not Superman-type heroes! He utilizes his own experiences and travels to describe the locations and then creates the story through his own vivid imagination.

Book Title Fate's Love Story
Author Deke Rivers
Date Published January 09, 2020
  • e-Book: 9781643458748
  • Paperback: 9781643458731