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Dreams of Future Actualityby Hector M. Fernandez


From my spiritual teacher, I’ve learned that we, as virgin spirits are on a pilgrimage, and we, as individual spirits are just passersby or tourists on this planet Earth. Contrary to what most people believe that we are but mortal beings, I subscribe to the idea that we, as spirits are immortal and that our existence will continue endlessly in a cyclic order for as long as there is manifestation in the Mind of God, the Creator.

In the discussions about the panorama of life it was mentioned that before a spirit is allowed to don a physical body as a newborn, the Lords of Karma will show each spirit the future life planned for it, which it has to conform to, otherwise it will not be allowed to incarnate as a newborn. While in physical existence, the twin laws of rebirth (reincarnation) and retribution (karma) apply to all peoples for them to learn their lessons while in physical existence and retain the essence of the lessons in their conscience.

From my teenage years, I’ve had some unusual recurring dreams that I never thought could happen, but which eventually occurred in real life. Initially, I doubted the dreams really occurred, so I began listing down the dates when they took place to make sure they were not just pigments of my fertile imagination because they varied from hair-raising, to the wonderful, to the unthinkable. The recurring dreams were so vivid in color and usually happens in actuality several days or weeks later. That was why to me, the events or situations seemed so familiar when they happened. I believe the French call this kind of phenomena as “déjà vu” or “already seen”.

Book Title Dreams of Future Actuality
Author Hector M. Fernandez
Date Published July 25, 2018
  • e-Book: 9781948654661