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Dinosaur Isleby Tracy Lee Ford


After 65 million years dinosaurs once again walk the Earth on three islands near Guam. D.N.A. (Dinosaur National Association) used their funding, modern paleontological research along with modern DNA research, have ‘grown’ dinosaurs. Dozens of dinosaurs of all sizes roam the largest of islands.

The islands are not open to the public but are for research only. But something has gone awry. ‘Raptor’ dinosaurs have been found off these islands and it’s up to Agent Jack McConnel (from a newly formed UN Agency) and his team to find out why. First, he needs to understand how D.N.A. has ‘grown’ dinosaurs, their behavior and what dinosaurs are on the islands. Then use that knowledge to help find the dinosaurs off the island.

Book Title Dinosaur Isle
Author Tracy Lee Ford
Date Published March 21, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643454474
  • Paperback: 9781643454467