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Dashell and Carolineby Elizabeth Chanter


For Caroline, a woman whose very identity is a mystery, nothing is certain-except the love she and Dashell share. Now that crucial missing documents have been found, she has the answer to one of her biggest questions: her name. With that information in hand, she and Dashell can now begin to plan their wedding and her future as Lady Lonsdale. Dashell and his youngest brother, Maxwell, travel up to Yorkshire to find out what they can, and what they do discover greatly saddens them. Another search commenced by Dashell’s aunt, Lady Smythe has uncovered one more surprise for Caroline-a blood relative. It’s a shocking revelation for both Caroline and her new family member. Once the man recovers from his surprise, he shares information that may hold the key to the truth. As answers emerge, it seems that every mystery of Caroline’s past will be revealed. But within the joy of discovery lies the heartbreaking story of how one person cruelly deceived Caroline’s mother, Isobel. Will the truth set them free-or will the lovers find themselves ensnared in a bigger mystery than they imagined?

Book Title Dashell and Caroline
Author Elizabeth Chanter
Date Published January 23, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643453316
  • Paperback: 978-1643453309