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Blending Families: The Honeymoon Comes Later - 2nd Editionby Max Price


It has been estimated that 33 percent of all US children will likely live in a step family before age eighteen.

“I write to you, stepmom, stepdad, stepchild, adult stepchild, and step-grandparent, with the hope that I can share advice and stories of real families that will provide helpful guidelines for your blending family journey. I want to identify pitfalls for you to avoid, give you directions for success, and provide support to encourage you.”

With this is mind, Max Price, PhD, has compiled a practical, easy-reading, collection of stories about and by stepmoms, stepdads, stepchildren, and a step-grandmother, along with mental health professionals, in his book, Blending Families: The Honeymoon Comes Later.

Blending two families is a challenging journey, not a simple walk in the park, and Max Price has drawn together contributors who share their real-life journeys and provide blending families relevant advice. So if you’re about to step into the trenches of step family living or if you’ve been dealing with an ongoing problem in your blended home, Max Price’s Blending Families is the perfect guide for any step family issue.

MAX PRICE received his PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Oklahoma. Specializing in child psychology, he has been in private practice, counseling step families and children of divorce since 1977. He is the author of three books, including A Guide to Child Therapy, and more than twenty articles. He has conducted workshops, seminars, and training nationally. He and his wife, Geri, have two children, Tracey and Todd, and six grandchildren.

Book Title Blending Families: The Honeymoon Comes Later - 2nd Edition
Author Max Price
Date Published September 12, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643457550
  • Paperback: 9781643452630