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Angieby Bruce Collier


Angie’s life is drastically changed when her father is killed in an automobile accident. Her alcoholic mother squandered all the insurance money, the bank foreclosed on their beautiful home, and now, she is forced to live with her mother’s new alcoholic husband in his small trailer in a bad section of town.

Angie complains to her mother about her husband’s advances, but she won’t listen to her pleas. When Angie realizes that her mother doesn’t care, she takes matters into her own hands. After a bad confrontation with her mother and her mother’s husband, she asked her grandmother if she could live with her. Her grandmother had no idea what horrible conditions Angie was living in.

While living with her grandmother, Angie meets two girls that would become lifelong friends. They help each other with work, play, relationships, children, and deaths. All three become successful adults.

Unlike my other stories, Angie is not based on any part of my life. I remember when I first thought of Angie’s story, I was cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood for the next winter, and I could not wait to finish and get to my computer.

Book Title Angie
Author Bruce Collier
Date Published August 01, 2019
  • Paperback: 9781643455815
  • e-Book: 9781643456898