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Ancient Art of Dowsingby Duane Arthur Ose


This book answers all the questions on dowsing, informing the reader as to why and how dowsing works. Moreover, it has the instructions to test oneself to become a dowser. Dowsing locates all objects that I refer to as targets, then to also measure the depths no matter how deep it is to the targets. Targets can be mapped or traced from the surface, enabling the dowser to determine what the target is. Dowsing works better than ground-penetrating radar, which is limited to a shallow depth and requires electrical power. I’ve been a proficient dowser for sixty-five years.

Duane Arthur Ose was born and raised in Minnesota. He enlisted in the army in 1964 at the age of twenty-one and spent one of his three years of service in Korea as a US army engineer. Duane met Rena, his second wife, through the mail-order bride system, and she moved to the Alaskan homestead to live in a hole in the ground (called a dugout) for nine years while she and Duane built their three-story log home. They live off the land for the most part, gardening, using solar power, and trapping. (Rena does the skinning.) Duane is a survival expert, skilled at living and thriving under extreme conditions. A sought-after public speaker, Duane gives presentations on rural living, homesteading, survival, Alaskan living, and the art of dowsing. He is also the author of Alaskan Wilderness Adventure: Join Duane and His Son Daniel on a Journey Deep in the Alaskan Wilderness in Search of Finding a New Home.

Book Title Ancient Art of Dowsing
Author Duane Arthur Ose
Date Published November 04, 2019
  • Hardcover: 9781648950971
  • e-Book: 9781643457994
  • Paperback: 9781643456744