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All in One Life Beneath the Hypeby Peggy Spolar


The Author exposes and records America’s curious sordid activities coast to coast that are well “Beneath the Hype”. Over the last 30 years she has traveled through what most would consider “Dangerous Doors”. She is the testimony of a “Survivor” and has recounted her life’s travels. She has been involved in the sport and entertainment field more than 25 years and her knowledge of contracts without equal. Her credentials exceed most professionals in the field. She is a personal business manager to stars and is an experienced music analyst. She is an inventor, a performer, a speaker, a filmmaker, and a record label and music publisher. She’s as old as the soul on your home stereo. Ms. Peggy better known as “This White Bitch Crazy” hit the streets in search of cover-ups on the “Streets of Gold” Philly. Her life’s story crosses the boundaries of entertainment, sports, drugs and criminality. The rich and poor have crossed her door. Her life is an “Extraordinary Life” only few could imagine according to Geoffrey Atkins former consultant for Ruff Ryders and CEO of GERDT.

Book Title All in One Life Beneath the Hype
Author Peggy Spolar
Date Published July 05, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643456249
  • Paperback: 9781643455198