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A Very Sick Practiceby Janet Cee


A fleeting glimpse of a face disappearing in a crowd leads Alison to track down Kate. Kate had been her best friend when they’d both been studying at university. They have not seen one another for twenty-eight years. Alison tells Kate the trauma she has been through, how it has ruined her life and the hatred she has towards those who caused it. She is horrified to hear that Kate has suffered more. Kate has the same anger and hatred to those who ruined her life. They talk about revenge.

Alison introduces Kate to Anne and Helen. Kate feels an instant rapport with them. She tells them the horror she has endured. Anne is enraged and tells Kate the two of them will get justice for her. Alison and Helen want to help. Anne, Alison, Kate and Helen—four intelligent, well-educated, law-abiding women in their late forties plot to avenge those who have ruined Kate’s and Alison’s life.

An escapist fantasy at its core, A Very Sick Practice isn’t exactly realistic, but it delivers plenty of cathartic fun. The characters are well-written, if a little extreme. These are very angry women who have been victims of injustice. The reader can see that they’re passionate about achieving their revenge and righting these wrongs, but their story is not all about selfishness—they are intent on helping one another, not merely focusing on their own causes.

Some readers might balk at the lengths these women go to and what they consider justice.

Despite any flaws, one quality is paramount: A Very Sick Practice holds a reader’s attention from beginning to end.


Book Title A Very Sick Practice
Author Janet Cee
Date Published July 02, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643456164
  • Paperback: 9781643456157