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A Foolish Riskby Demitra D.


With her office door slightly opened, Nadia was able to eavesdrop on her female coworkers going on about the mind-blowing sex they’d had, instructing one another the best way to get their man to do something he said he’d never do. Having nothing to bring to the girl talk, she did her best to listen quietly take careful note. Sterlings idea of a wild night of sex was doing it on the sofa. “I would love just one night with a man that made me feel the way they do.” She sighed.

Frustrate with bedroom boredom, confiding in her lifelong friend, who after bragged on how she dated a man just to get to his wife, advised her to find a man, that it would bring a little spice in her marriage. “Betraying Sterling isn’t what I want, I have needs he refuses to meet.” she thought.

Nadia began to make changes, she softened her ridged appearance became sociable, Feeling confident she broke her sister-in-law’s rule “Don’t conversate with my husband.”

“Gwen, please. Enough of that. We’re family.” Nadia regulated, trying to take a stand on how tired she was of Gwen always dictating their life.

While chatting with her brother-in-law, finding they had a lot in common, later one thing leads to another. Leaving Nadia wondering how she was going to manage family gathering while sleeping with her brother-in-law.

Growing up Demitra D. loved writing short stories and poetry.

One day she and a few female were goofing around, on how to cheat and get away with it. Because of her comments and suggestions, her friends laughed telling her, she should write a book on the subject. Playing around with the idea of writing an actual book, once again she was hook on writing.

Although she never wrote a book on getting away with cheating, she did write and release a novel of 4 novellas, Yes women cheat too, for reasons of her own its no longer available. But no worries, she is rewriting each novella and planning on releasing each one as an individual novel.

Demitra D. writing journey has been bumpy yet rewarding. When asked what she liked most about writing, she responded, “The escape from reality, and the feeling of being a fly on the wall.”

Book Title A Foolish Risk
Author Demitra D.
Date Published June 08, 2020
  • e-Book: 9781648950544
  • Paperback: 9781648950537