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Digital Love: Why E-Readers and E-books are Fantastic

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  • Jun 13, 2017
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These days, it’s really easy to find a title of something you want to read, go online, make a purchase, and download the book right into your chosen device—your e-reader. It could be anything! You can read on your phone, your iPad, your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, you name it, the book can you yours at a click of a button.

A gift of technology to more technologically inclined bookworms, the e-reader (or an e-reader app) has screens that mimic the soft feel of paper without the hassle of the weight. You can adjust the lighting, the format and spacing of the paragraphs, change the font, and the screen feels as real as paper on a novel. There’s even one that’s waterproof, and many who love to read in the tub have already purchased it. An e-reader can fit thousands of stories into something so lightweight that it’s as light as an average paperback. Some people prefer using their tablets or phones for on the go reading, and thus the e-book is the best thing to happen to people who love to read.

There is a debate, however, between printed books and electronic books. Many who insist on reading only on paper are very adamant against the e-book. They feel that e-books are not real books, but are fakes that threaten the existence of print, as well as the stubborn thought that anything technological lessens the authenticity of the reading experience. Online, there are some very intense arguments saying that e-books are ruining the sale of real books, and that people who read using a device is not a real “bookworm.”

This, though, is normal human behavior, like what happened in the 1980s during the emergence of the personal computer. “Computerphobia,” where people got anxious and angry over using computers, became a thing, but these days almost everyone has a smartphone. Now some people who are suspicious of technology tend to see e-books as a negative technological advancement. Despite their fears, print will never die. In fact, print has seen a rise in sales over the last few years over e-book sales.

Still, even with the arguments against using e-readers, there are advantages to e-books. People who do not have the luxury of space for print books, those who are constantly travelling, and those who do not have access to copies take advantage of the e-reader. Giving impoverished people access to e-books from a free e-library helps them save money while still letting them read the books they want since not all places are so lucky as to have well-stocked physical libraries.

Many people forget that it’s not about the format. Paper or electronic, the important thing is that people read. The best thing about e-books is the fact that it is much easier to self-publish and market it as a format, compared to having actual books printed but not getting it distributed on a worldwide scale. Many best-sellers that started out as e-books sold on Amazon.com are now in print, resting on the shelves of many bookstores. So give it a chance, and have your book made into an e-book today. Isn’t technology great?

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